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Can you spot the difference?
· 2008-03-28 21:29 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

It’s Thijs’ tool time again!

This time I want to introduce you to Beyond Compare, a tool I recently discovered because it was in the toolbox for the project I’m currently working on. Before I used the tool that is shipping with Visual Studio and the platform SDK, Windiff, which is pretty terrible.

So Beyond Compare is just like your average compare tool, but MUCH better.
Why is it better?

The creators of this tool describe it as:

Beyond Compare®, the advanced file and folder comparison utility for Windows, helps you visualize changes in your code, keeps your directories in sync, and validates copies of your data.

If you don’t believe me, or them, (and perhaps you shouldn’t) then you can get a free trial from their site. Additionally you can read a review of Beyond Compare on DonationCoder.com (which has some really nice other tools too, such as the ScreenShotCaptor) or read another praising on CodingHorror.com.

Leave me a comment if you know a better compare tool (Better may be free, or better may be with better functionality). Also, let me know if have other nice tools in your toolbox that I should be aware of.

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