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ChristmasLights review
· 2011-11-23 22:02 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

It has become a annual tradition for me to release a new version of the “WPF Christmaslights” every year. I try to add something fresh to the application every time. The reason for doing so is because it’s fun to do and it allows me to experiment with different technologies. I’ve actually spent very little time on this application, but it’s fun to see it running on the desktops of my co-workers.

Therefore I was surprised to hear that the ChristmasLights application was reviewed by Software Informer, and even better the the review comments are even quite good :). This is what they wrote about my app:

At Christmas, many people like to decorate not only their houses and offices, but also their computer desktops. If you are one of those people, then this little and free program will come in handy for you. It consists in a virtual garland of light bulbs that light on an off and change their color according to a set pattern, just as those lights you use to decorate your Christmas tree or the front of your house. The garland surrounds your desktop and it remains always on top, so you can watch the lights even if you have another program's window open.
The program can be customized in several ways. For example, you can adjust the space between the bulbs as well as their blinking speed. You can program the lights to blink automatically, or as you type, or following the rhythm of the music that is playing in your media player. The program also offers different types of blinking, such as standard blinking, interlaced, flashing, and some more. Also, you can adjust the intensity of the lights colors.
In sum, if you enjoy Christmas and want to add a beautiful ornament to your desktop for the upcoming holidays, then you may want to try this one.

And guess what, it got a 5 star review!

Software.informer.com would like to inform you that your product ChristmasLights 1.0 has been reviewed by our editors and your program got "5* Editor's Pick Award" http://christmaslights.software.informer.com/.

Software.Informer Editor's pick award

Nice huh? :)

If you want to see how the application works, if you want to contribute or if you want to report bugs you should visit the project page on Codeplex.

So tell me, what new features do you want to see in this years update?

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  1. Il serait sympa d’avoir une option supplémentaire qui changerait la couleur de la guirlande de façon automatique et/ou aléatoire. Merci pour votre travail; application sympa.

    Blueberry42    2011-12-08 20:18    #
  2. Il serait bien également de pouvoir régler l’intensité lumineuse de la guirlande ( je trouve les lumières un peu pâles). Merci et à bientôt…

    Blueberry42    2011-12-09 00:06    #