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Quick Tip: VirtualBox sound on Windows Server 2008R2 x64
· 2010-12-10 19:02 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

To enable audio for a Windows Server 2008 (and most probably also on windows 7) guest in VirtualBox you can get the generic AC'97 Audio Codecs from the realtek website:


The zip file is about 30 mb, seems like a lot of bytes for just a sound driver… but hey, it works.

Just download and extract the zip file to a folder, then point the device manager to that folder and let it install the driver.


If you want to play sounds using the WPF MediaPlayer class then you also need to have Media Player (at least version 10) installed. To do that on Windows Server you need to install the “Desktop Experience” feature.

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