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Where did my diskspace go?
· 2007-11-25 21:10 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Did you ever wonder where your diskspace went? You cleaned up all temp folder, cleared all caches, but still, not much free space. There is no need to despair! There is a tool called WinDirStat that will visualize your disk(s) nicely!


Large image (not my machine)

In the upper part of the screen you get a treeview. The small bars show you which folder or file occupies the most space. The bottom view is a so-called treemap. Each square represents a file or folder. The larger the square, the bigger the file is. The colors represent the file extensions. You can use the tool to analyse one or more drives, both local and network drives. But you can also focus on a specific folder.

Using this tool I did see that the MSDN library (which I never use from disk, I prefer the online version) took up a lot of space. So I uninstalled that. I also saw that my "downloads" folder had grown quite a lot and needed a cleanup. Also some big ISO files filled up quite some space, and were visible as big squares in the treemap, so I moved them to my usb-harddrive.

By using this tool, combined with CCleaner, I was able to clean up about 10 gigabytes!

One note on installing CCleaner: it’s a great tool, but be sure to uncheck the option that installs the Yahoo! toolbar (=crapware) on your pc!

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  1. We’ve been using a similar program called SpaceMonger here at the office for quite a while.

    — RiMaBo    2007-11-26 21:48    #