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Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest - Problems with the Visual Web Developer
· 2007-11-25 21:01 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Today I started the install of Visual Studio 2008 on my main development machine. Because of the troublefree install on the VPC I didn’t expect any bumps on the road.

But it wasn’t that easy this time.

At first Framework 3.5 wouldn’t install. There was some error related to IIS: the IIS Admin Service wouldn’t start any more. The fix was easily found: just make sure the permissions on the MachineKeys folder in C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\Rsa\ are set properly.

When that was straightened the next problem arose:
The Visual Web Developer wouldn’t install. It seemed all-right but complained about the Framework 3.5 not being installed. So I re-installed 3.5 but that didn’t help.

Next I applied all possible hotfixes to Windows, that didn’t help.

Then I took the stand-alone install (From your Visual Studio install DVD: \WCU\WebDesignerCore\WebDesignerCore.exe and unzipped that file to a temp directory.

When starting the setup.exe from that directory, a message came up that I had to uninstall all previous betas of Office 2007 before installation of the Visual Web Developer. So I went to add/remove programs, went through that list, once, twice, but nothing related to Office 2007.

I went looking for the logfile the Visual Web Designer installer had created: it’s named SetupEXE().log and located in TEMP.

There I found the following

Catalyst beta product conflict check failed. Office Beta product conflict is detected on the computer, productcode={30120000-0020-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}
Showing message Title: ‘Setup Errors’, Message: ‘Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s):
The 2007 Microsoft Office system does not support upgrading from a prerelease version of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. You must first uninstall any prerelease versions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system products and associated technologies.
Correct the issue(s) listed above and re-run setup.

A quick search on the Product Code {30120000-0020-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE} came up with no results.

So I went into the registry, and that luckily the code was listed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall, which turned out to be the Compatibility pack for the 2007 Office System. So why wasn’t that listed in my add/remove programs list? Anyway, I ran the Uninstall command from the registry by hand:
MsiExec.exe /X{30120000-0020-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}

And that did the trick. Visual Web Developer installed without complaining, and Visual Studio installed A-OK as well.

Happy Coding!

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  1. Thanks, that did the trick for me!!

    dave    2008-05-07 12:54    #
  2. Thank you !!! In my case was Infopath beta ( ? )

    — Dan    2008-06-15 19:27    #
  3. thanks, worked great!

    — dave    2008-07-17 19:35    #
  4. does not work… i had the 2007 Office system (Beta).
    after uninstall IMPOSSIBLE for me to instal an other version of office… even with the code !
    HOW COULD I DO ???
    thanks from FRANCE for replying by mail ! ;)

    MannixxX    2008-09-04 22:40    #
  5. Thanks a lot for your help. it took me so long to find the solution

    jlevera    2009-02-11 04:11    #
  6. Thanks. That was my problem also……nasty one to find….

    Green72    2011-11-09 13:18    #