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· 2007-05-21 12:36 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

While playing with Silverlight I also bumped upon this nice new Microsoft project: Popfly
(The url also has the new Microsoft TLD .MS

Microsoft Popfly

Popfly enables non-developers to quickly build sites and mashups. It allows users to re-use each others work.

The whole Popfly project was built on Silverlight and AJAX technology, and built in just 6 months!

It also looks like it’s possible to work on Popfly projects using Visual Studio as well, cool!

There is a demo video here

I applied for my own popfly account, but you’ll have to get invited by Microsoft at the moment.. so I can’t login, yet.
(In the meantime we I’ll just have to suffer looking at the low-res wallpapers)

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