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Synchronize watches!
· 2008-03-07 08:33 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Because I’m already knee-deep into sync I wanted to share this: recently Google released a small Sync app to synchronize your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar. The app runs in the tray of your windows machine and it updates the calendars on a set interval.

The really cool thing about this is that you have your calendar always available and you could use this to get SMS-reminders of events on your outlook calendar!

Or maybe not…

From the Google Calendar FAQ:

If you’ve noticed that your reminder settings in Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook events don’t match, keep in mind that while Google Calendar supports pop-up, email, and SMS reminders, Microsoft Outlook Calendar supports only pop-up event reminders. Accordingly, only pop-up reminders are synced between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Also, Microsoft Outlook Calendar supports only one pop-up event reminder per event. So, if your Google Calendar events contain multiple pop-up event reminders, only one pop-up reminder will be transferred to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar events.

Ouch.. too bad…

But of course there are alternatives, like SyncMyCal which is free if you don’t mind the syncing manually and never look more than three days ahead or back. But this one does respect the default notification setting of your Google calendar and therefore it proves that the API will let you do such things.

So if Google Calendar Sync would respect my default notification type when transferring items from Outlook, or at least would let me specify a mapping between SMS in Google, and Pop-ups in Outlook that would be awesome.

Alternatively someone with a bit of time left could attempt to write a Sync Provider for the Microsoft Sync Framework and use that to make me happy!

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