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The Hanselman Effect
· 2008-02-06 20:33 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

The last two days have been the busiest days ever on my little website!

It all started with a small email to attend Scott Hanselman on the existence of the Cosmos project . He dedicated his Weekly Sourcecode #15 to the project, and linked back to my site in his posting.

As a result of this the traffic to my site has quadrupled!

I know the number of visitors I get is really tiny, but I’m proud of it anyway. The postings I do here are for fun mostly, but sometimes they answer questions I couldn’t answer for by some quick Googling. (Like the cases with the Vodafone BSOD , the Virtual Earth on ASP.NET thing and those ATI mobility drivers )
The most popular article until now was the Silverlight RSS feed displayer which I wrote using Visual Studio Orcas. If I can find the sourcecode again (ahem, deleting a VPC is way too easy…) then I’ll rebuild it again with Visual Studio 2008 and the latest Silverlight release.

And according to Feedburner I also gained some new RSS feed subscribers: A big welcome to you all! I’ll try as hard as I can to entertain you with nice stuff.

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