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What's your favorite hat?
· 2007-06-06 21:50 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Today I heard about a way of thinking called thinking hats although the idea wasn’t new to me, I really think that being able to put on different “hats” makes you a better thinker.

The 6 hats are:

More about the different hats here

Thinking with these different hats on can help you with all kinds of processes. It can make you a better partner in discussions or meetings, but if you use it to reflect on you own communications you could get some advantage there too.

Maybe you can even put on different hats while coding. That might even improve your code! (For example look at the way how “defensive” you write when it comes to exception handling!)

Of course everyone has its own “favorite” hat, but being aware of the other hats makes you a better “all-round” thinker.

I think my favorite hat would be green with yellow stripes, with a black spot on top.

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