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A NASty device
· 2008-04-05 21:09 by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

As of today I am the proud owner of a 1TB network attached storage device.

It’s name is "CH3SNAS". I’ve used two 500 gb Western Digital GP harddisks. These disks are made to be energy efficient. I thought that would be a good thing for a device that will be always-on. And the disks won’t be stressed out much because all data has to travel through the network before hitting the disk. So speed is not an issue. Besides that: more power more heat, more heat more cooling and more cooling == more noise and dying disks.

I’ve also upgrade the network switch to gigabit because the old switch was dying and its not a lot of fun to reset your switch every few minutes while trying to download something. Now the CH3SNAS is the only 1000mbit device connected but now I can upgrade the others gradually.

This device also has an UPnP AV Media server on board, so I can easily browse through all my movies, music and pictures. I’ve also found a nice UPnP compatible music/movie player for my IPaq (but it’s not free so better suggestions are welcome!).

It also has a scheduled download option, which means that the NAS can download stuff while your PC is off.

Maybe the most important thing this device can do: it has support for so called "funplugs" (the hardware is almost identical to the D-Link DNS-323 NAS, only the CH3SNAS is cheaper). Which means that you can add your own software to it. The thing actually runs Linux and has quite a decent CPU so there’s all kind of fun things to run on there. I’m thinking bittorrent, hellanzb, slimserver, ssh, nfs-server… a lot to play with ;-) Oh and there’s a new firmware out soon as well.

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