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· 3086 days ago by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Here you can find various posts written by my blogging friends.

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: K2Five: (Process) Escalations
· 516 days ago by Ruben

K2Five’s new workflow designer is a great improvement over the old designers. Improvement and innovation can’t always be made on top of legacy supported systems. This means that some features change and/or might not be available at this time of first release. The new designer is a big change and i’d like to highlight some …

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: K2Five: Creating an asynchronous event
· 522 days ago by Ruben

With the new release of K2 five and it’s workflow designer, we do not have the capability to write custom code in our workflow anymore. For some, this is a shocker and unbelievable. Having no code in your workflow has been a best practice for some organizations for years and as a low-code platform, it’s …

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: African starling
· 529 days ago by Ruben

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: Zebra, Addo Elephant Park, South Africa
· 1216 days ago by Ruben

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: Stag, Richmond Park, London, UK
· 1261 days ago by Ruben

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