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· 1783 days ago by Thijs Kroesbergen for Brokenwire.NET

Here you can find various posts written by my blogging friends.

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: “Syncing” outlook 2013 with Owncloud
· 392 days ago by Ruben

As some of you might know, i’m quite fond of my privacy. Together with the fact that i still run my own server at home, this resulted in me investing some time on OwnCloud. I use it to sync my contacts and some files that I use for work. It also makes my MP3′s accessable [...]

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: Add AD-Group to SP2010 via CSOM
· 437 days ago by Ruben

Unfortunatly, projects aren’t always that fancy. In this case I’m still doing a bit of SP2010. Luckaly we do use CSOM to make it a bit interesting. CSOM has a lot of functionality, and theoretically you can say “it does everything the old-fashioned SPSite model does”. However, it can be a struggle. In this case, [...]

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: K2 smartforms custom theme tips
· 670 days ago by Ruben

So, it’s been a while since i’ve written something. Yes, i’m still alive – a lot has happened in personal and professional life! With K2 smartforms already being at release 1.0.4, it’s about time I wrote something about it! A lot of customers are using a custom theme to create forms that are in their [...]

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: K2 SmartObject Services – Configuration update, static endpoint
· 1317 days ago by Ruben

After the release of K2 1370, there have been some small updates to the K2HostServer.config file for your SmartObject Services configuration. The basics is pretty simple, KB1370 added the ability to change binding and binding configuration on the REST and WCF endpoints separately. Because the binding configuration also defines the authentication mechanism, this means that [...]

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Via _cyclops_’s blog: Notes on K2 Inline functions
· 1383 days ago by Ruben

Yesteday I tweeted about inline functions and how to get your Icon working properly. Appart from all the info in Johnny’s blogpost, there are some other catches as well. Just because i keep forgetting them, here’s a mental note to myself.   It’s a normal class library Start your project with a normal .NET class [...]

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